My name is "Guigs" and I'm a Modern Abstract Artist currently based between London & Yorkshire. 

Inspiration for my work comes mainly from the below quote and how paint and colour develop, collide & mix from movement, which creates a visual language of shape, form and composition that aims to create interest, curiosity and a depiction of imagery.

The mentioned below quote of which im obsessed with still to this day is very thought provoking for me and a key factor to my work...

"In opposition to the world today; where everything is organised pre-planned, and scheduled, it's nice to know that the accidental things are still essential in order to make life more effervescent. 

The concept of accidental creation and the idea of beauty by coincidence are fascinating. Can I produce work by ‘accident’? How do I engineer coincidence?

Traditionally mankind is familiar with placing paint (or any other kind of material) at the canvas (or any vessel to display creation). They may call it a random act, but when our intelligence tells us that our strokes can be influenced by our moods, the climate and other factors not necessarily governed within our active state of consciousness can we still call it random coincidence?

I want to take the doubt away. Remove the human element of conscious sub conscious. Something that is truly random and not influenced by anything. Is this a possibility?"

Author: Unknown.

Thank you for taking your time to read this i hope you get as much enjoyment out of the paintings as i do.